Why You Need to Hire a Residential Mover in Singapore!

Exhausting. Nerve Wrecking. Chaotic. These are the words that best describe a normal house moving process. Moving a house troubles everyone no matter their emotions about the new place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if moving a house meant getting new furniture and appliances EVERY TIME? In an ideal world, sure! In the real world, “house moving services” will save you from this hassle and make any moving experience fun and exciting!

Still not convinced that you need house moving services?

Well, here are a few reasons why:

  1. Many people are moving furniture for the first time. So, there is a 90% chance that something will go wrong. Could be in disassembling or assembling the furniture, lifting something fragile, or dragging an item that you are not supposed to. Imagine moving to a new house with a broken bed! I am sure you get the point.
    Why You Need to Hire a Residential Mover in Singapore! 1
  2. House moving may be made easier if you do it with patience. But do you have time for that? Well, no. Taking off from work just adds to the burden and stress. You are no superhero and you don’t need to be either. Home moving service could however play the role of a superhero for you and save you from that burden.
  3. Shifting homes is not a one-man job. Well, no it’s not even a two-man job. You need several strong-armed people to help you out. No matter how good your relations are with your friends or neighbors, it’s hard to ensure their availability for long hours and then ask them to do the hard work as well.
    Why You Need to Hire a Residential Mover in Singapore! 2
  4. A major hurdle in the process is knowing the right packing material for different items. You think wrapping your antique lamp once would be enough only to realize that it has a huge crack in the middle. This is just an example but we all know we are no experts in this. Careful packing and unpacking of all items in an efficient and organized manner are what every mover dreams of. But it’s not an unrealizable dream of course if you think wisely.

Looking out for the best residential movers in Singapore?

Now that you have finally started to think about hiring professionals for the job, the next question is, what do you look for in such a service provider? Well, many factors need to be taken into account. It’s not just about shifting your stuff from point A to B, it’s about making the whole experience worth the amount you spend on them.

  1. Experience. This is a must. Service providers who don’t have experience actually do not have the kind of planning required to complete the job. An experienced team of experts will take no time to analyze the situation and prepare accordingly.
  2. Promptness. A good service provider will have this service readily available. You do not have the time to put in a request and then wait for two days for them to respond and then it takes them a few more days to get things ready for the final move. That is of no use. The right team will respond right away, prepare a quote promptly according to your needs, and then send a team to start working whenever you ask.
  3. Professionalism. It is key for any service provider. It is demonstrated by the way any team works. Not just that, it’s the way they communicate their plan and take your views or suggestions into consideration. It also means that they will be prepared to tackle any situation at hand and be aware of the laws and regulations of a building or an area that might potentially cause delays.
  4. Storage space. It might seem a bit unnecessary to have storage space for rental as the usual way to go is to directly shift the personal belongings to the new place. However, it’s an added convenience to have a temporary storage place in case the new place isn’t ready yet or some delay is expected due to unforeseen reasons.
  5. Cost Efficient. There is no doubt that this service should be easy on the pocket. Every working-class citizen has to have a budget to maintain. Moving to a new place is already stressful enough and you simply don’t want to get ripped off by hiring professionals. A good firm will have different affordable options to choose from so that each client can opt for the services they need. They should be able to choose from the types of packing to the types of transportation to type of load that they want to shift or move. However, quality must not be compromised. Nobody wants a cheap service that ends up ruining the whole experience but it should also not be too expensive that you start thinking about your next-door neighbor who you can beg to help you out.
  6. Transport and Packing services. The types of packaging and transportation services matter. Hiring professionals means that the packaging of items should be according to their types. Transport facilities should also include a range of truck or trolley sizes to choose an appropriate one.
  7. Testimonials. You are often advised not to listen to people and do what you feel is right. Well, in this case, please listen to them. Customer testimonials are a way of realizing what you can expect from a service provider. At the end of the day, if the customer is happy, that means their service providers did an excellent job. So watch out for different reviews and comments of past clients to decide if you want a similar experience.

Happy Moving!