Why Should You Hire a Professional House Moving Service?

Why Should You Hire a Professional House Moving Service

It’s time to relocate to a new home, and you can’t help but wonder if hiring a house moving service is the way to go, or if you should just pack and move everything yourself. If you have ever found yourself at that crossroad, read on to find out why we think you should engage the help of a house moving service in Singapore.

Cost Efficiency

Some people may think that hiring a professional home mover means you will have to spend more. However, it can actually be the opposite. A great amount of money goes into getting all your furniture packed up. If you decide to pack everything yourself, you may end up using more wrapping material and boxes than necessary, resulting in unnecessary expenditure. Additionally, short of driving your own lorry, you would have to source for transport yourself, adding on another layer of costs to your budget.


Moving your own home involves tons of work. First, you would need to plan how to move all your furniture out of your old accommodation – which items should be packed first, and which need to be dismantled to make the move? Next, you would then set to work preparing everything to be loaded up, and then acquire a means of transporting all these items to your new place. For the average person, working on all the planning and logistics will probably take a great deal of time that could have been used in a more productive way. As an alternative, why not get in touch with a professional house moving service to do the dirty work for you? All you have to do is give them a call, and then sit back and watch them get to work moving your house for you.


If you aren’t a professional mover, then you have probably moved fewer houses than the team in charge of home moving. Every day, they pack boxes and transport them to new homes. No matter how fragile your items are, a professional mover is sure to have worked with other pieces of similar calibre. It may take an average person a few weeks to get everything in their home packed, but for a professional moving team, it may take only a few days to pack everything into a much smaller space, transport it, and then unpack it at the destination. After all, practice makes perfect! The professional movers have had years of experience doing this kind of work every day.

Specialised Equipment

Professional house movers have specialised equipment specifically for doing the job. Even if you were to procure your own lorry, you will probably not be able to obtain the specialised equipment or the manpower to operate them. These gadgets include dollies, ramps, hoisting straps and even custom-built vehicles designed for the safe transportation of furniture. While it is possible to move your things without the use of these tools, they make the job a lot safer by minimising the risk of injury to yourself or harm to your furniture.

Storage Facilities

Sometimes, moving a house does not go according to plan. What if your new accommodation is not yet ready by the time you have to move out of your old home? Or what if there were delays along the way and you end up reaching the new place later than expected? Perhaps you may get there and then discover that not all of your furniture fits in it. Well, another advantage of hiring a professional mover is that they have storage facilities to hold your cargo in case these inconveniences happen. You can typically choose to store your items at the facility overnight or even for a long-term period. Of course, the storage facilities come with additional charges, but keeping your furniture with your professional mover saves you from having to search for a warehouse last-minute to deposit your items for the night. In addition, once you are ready to move your items back to your new home, everything can be arranged for you right away.

Straightforward Costs

When you are looking at doing it yourself, you would usually have to factor in the costs from many aspects – packing, transportation, vehicle rental, and more. With a professional house mover, the costs are all presented to you in a single bill. A reputable mover should not have any hidden costs for any of their services. They should also discuss the full service cost before you agree to let them move your furniture. Usually, professional movers will be able to give you estimates of the total cost when you first make an inquiry, based on where you are moving to and how much furniture you need to transport.

The bottom line? You can certainly move a house without the help of professional house movers, but hiring some experienced help will definitely make things go a lot quicker, smoother and easier – not to mention cheaper! Moving a house is not something many people do every day, which makes it all the more important that you get it right on the first try. For complete peace of mind, find a home moving service in Singapore that will handle everything for you, so that all you will have to do is to settle into your new home.