Top Rated Mover with Rental Space Service in Singapore


What is the deal with storage space rentals in Singapore?
Why are there so many?
And why should you care?
But before we discuss all that. Let’s find out what makes a storage space for rental in Singapore stand out above the rest and truly worth using.

1. Convenience

The whole point of it is that you are using a service. Hence it must give you more value than it costs! Otherwise, what’s the point? So it must be super easy to add and remove things at your convenience and choosing.

2. Easy to get a quote

Only the best in the business have a quote facility that’s readily available on their website. It shows their willingness to provide top-notch customer service.

3. Open and friendly

If the company website ensures that you have multiple ways to approach them like WhatsApp, Messenger, call, and email. Then it’s a great sign that you will find them open to discussion and meeting your specific needs.

4. Awards and recognition

Not every service provider is equal. Sure some cheap options might look attractive. But they might be inexperienced and end up costing you more than they save! So be sure to check if the company is well known. After all, there’s no shortage of movers and rental space providers in Singapore. So if the company has won some awards, it’s a surety that their rental space service is worth every penny!

5. Legal requirements and local area knowledge

You don’t just get up one day and start a storage space or a mover company. You need to know the local laws and requirements. You need the right tools and equipment. More importantly, you need a trained workforce. Furthermore, someone with local area knowledge and experience will get the job much more efficiently and safely than everyone else.

6. Testimonials

Think about this, 9 out of 10 customers don’t bother leaving a review if they are satisfied with the service. They only do if the service provider goes above and beyond the expectations of the customers. So it is rare to find a company that is confident enough to put up customer feedback. Having testimonials up shows that the company is experienced and constantly considers feedback to make itself even better.

7. Helpful blog with tips

Let’s be clear. People are running a business. Some people just have better ethics and civic sense than others do. Maybe 100% of the people that visit a service provider’s website don’t need that service. but everyone can benefit from tips about how to move things or at least find a qualified mover or storage space rental in Singapore. So it’s no wonder that the best people in the business, the ones who win awards. Will add a tips and tricks section on their website to help everyone who visits their website even if they don’t become a paying customer.

Why would you even need storage space in Singapore?

Well, to be honest. Even permanent residents don’t live in princely homes. So everyone is always pressed for space. And modern aesthetic trends dictate that we have large open spaces. How to achieve that? Well, that’s easy:

  • Just pack up all your off-season clothes and barely sued items and move them to a rental space!
  • You might want to start a business and need the space for merchandise that you don’t want to store on-site.
  • You could be moving offices and need to renovate the new area partially. So where does all the extra furniture go? a rental space.
  • Also if you run a shop or office in the premium part of town due to business requirements, you want to optimize the use of that space and keep the least used/ least sold equipment and office equipment elsewhere.
  • Maybe you are renovating your own home and just need to hold off things in a secure place until it’s done? The answer is storage space rental in Singapore!
  • Perhaps you want to test out minimalism but aren’t yet ready to throw away or donate your belongings? Well, storage space rental would be the perfect answer! Add the fact that they also provide moving services to the mix and it’s a deal you can’t refuse

Rental storage space and movers in Singapore is a huge industry right now with no signs of slowing down. So it’s no surprise that so many new competitors are entering the business now. Some of them might price cut the top movers to gain some traction. But let’s be honest do you want to let amateurs handle your precious belongings?

Or would you prefer experienced professionals who have been doing this for years and are aware of the local safety laws and how to best follow them?


The choice is yours. Rental space providers and movers are a dime a dozen in Singapore. However, it is you and you alone who has to figure out if your belongings are worth taking a risk on, or maybe you should pay the small premium with movers like us who are qualified and experienced to handle all your moving and storage space needs.


To be blunt, most individuals are not qualified for moving their things themselves. That’s just how it is. That’s exactly why we are here. To help you achieve your goals seamlessly. We regularly work with corporate clients who value having a hassle-free experience more than the price tag. So we are very well versed in the art of communication and making expectations clear and then working judiciously to meet them.