Hiring an Office Relocation Service provider in Singapore

Hiring an Office Relocation Service provider in Singapore

Living in Urban Singapore, it is no longer a rarity that business ends up having to move their offices.

More and more businesses end up having to move due to a myriad of reasons.

And now we have so many companies offering the same services. It may be to get confusing about which one to choose.

So let’s see what kind of qualities we should look for before we choose an Office relocation service provider in Singapore

1. Referral rate

The company should have a high referral rate. It means previous customers were satisfied with the quality of the service that they received.

2. Testimonials

Old testimonials are a sign of confidence; confidence that the company has in themselves. Also, it shows that their customers were happy enough to leave a testimonial.

3. Experience

It may be worth your time to figure out how many years has the company been in business. It is a sign of both robustness and quality service. Furthermore, this means that the workforce is highly trained and skilled.

4. Knowledge of local laws

The company does not have a thorough understanding of laws related to office relocation in Singapore, and then you can easily end up in trouble. So make sure the company you hire is well informed.

5. Pricing and quotes

Companies that overcharge may tend to take your business first and then talk about pricing later. And you could easily end up with an overpriced bill. So try your best to get a quote of what the service will cost before you decide if the company is worth your money.

6. Professionalism and speed

You want to have the relocation completed as soon as possible. 

Because you want your office up and running as soon as possible. Hence you should negotiate to see if they are willing to increase the speed of relocation.

7. Re-Installment and disposal services

A big part of moving your office will be making sure that your new office is ready-to-use. You may need some items reinstalled and a lot of useless items may need to be disposed of. Your best bet is that the same company offers Re-installment services and basic handyman services. This will save you some hassle and some time.

8. Inventory management

Some companies are very serious about their work and their reputation. So they are likely to make an inventory of the items being moved. This is a true testament to the seriousness of the company.

9. Temporary Storage:

It is not unheard of that you might need to vacate your previous building in a hurry. Here it would be very convenient that your officer moving service provider also has storage facilities. Just ask them to hold your items until you can relocate to the new location.

10. Size of company and services offered

On the surface, it does not look that important. However, it is a great way to asses how successful a company is. If the company is small and is not offering a lot of other services. Then it may be worth your time and money to find a bigger and perhaps more expensive company.

11. Business continuity

The biggest factor in all of this is making sure your customers do not experience a sharp drop in customer service etcetera during the relocation. During your discussion with the company make sure if they understand how important business continuity is for you and what they can do to ensure it. If they are not serious about it or seem unsure. Maybe you need to move towards a more professional team.

While this is a detailed list. There may still be a lot of things that you want to discuss with your service provider.

Another trick to figuring out if you should hire a certain office relocation service in Singapore is to call them. Discuss with them what you require is and how they will handle it. IF it seems like they already have a lot of business and are too busy to take on your project. You may want to look at other office movers in singapore.

At the end of the day what matters is that the company provides what you when you need it and provides top customer service. So you should do your due diligence to ensure that you get the best value for your money when hiring an Office relocation service provider in Singapore.